Horse Print FW 2017

Horse Print on Clothing

This Season we were fortunate to work with local Ottawa artist Ariane Beauchamp. She created for us an original ink drawing of a Rearing Horse ~ a symbol of freedom and feminine wisdom. Working closely with local printer Thread Work in Almonte, we were able to create a screen for this image and meld this unique artwork with clothing. Each piece is hand printed locally using water based environmentally safe inks.

About the Artist

Ariane Beauchamp grew up immersed in the nature of rural Northern Ontario. More recently, she and her partner purchased a track of land in Pakenham, ON. These settings are the background and inspiration for her work. Beauchamp creates work that explores the theme of life and death in nature and the duality between man and animal. “These symbols and themes dictate our lives”. Her pieces are frantic and graceful, aggressive and musical.

Her medium of choice is typically ink and muted earthy watercolours. Her tools are also her inspiration. “The ink tells me what is going to become of the piece. It will move, fall and dry in a why you won’t expect or plan for. Like in nature, I let it tell me what it’s going to be.” Each piece tells a rich story but it’s up to the audience to write its narrative. Ariane is not limited to ink in paper. She has also been known to work with wood, felt, projection and she has more recently begun experimenting with digital illustration.
Instagram: @ariane_beauchamp