— Infinity Care —

The Infinity can be tied, twisted and turned into many different styles creating a unique piece for every occasion. Perfect for the travelling women; wear a different outfit every night with a simple change in tying. Sought after by brides and bridesmaids alike, its unique changeable qualities allow for personal style to shine through while complementing a diverse range of shapes and sizes.

The Infinity is made from either two of our beautiful Eco jerseys, Modal or Rayon from Bamboo.


Bamboo, which is a fast growing plant requiring little to no pesticides and little irrigation to grow. Modal, which is derived from the fiber of the Beach Tree, is grown and collected in sustainably managed forests. Both materials are known for their soft feel and breathability. When the piece has completed its life cycle with you simply toss it in your compost bin, it’s biodegradable!


Wash both the dress and top by hand in cold or warm water with biodegradable detergent, or on gentle / hand wash cycle in a wash safe bag. *A wash safe bag is a mesh bag usually with a zipper or drawstring closure. This is highly recommended when washing the piece with other articles because the straps will tangle your load and this can cause damage to your piece. Hang to dry by placing a towel over a door and draping the piece evenly over it. To reduce wrinkles a home clothing steamer may be used or after a hot shower hang the piece over the curtain rod and close the door (this allows wrinkles to release). Wrinkles will also let go with the natural heat of your body after a short period of wearing.

Made In Canada