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The beauty of Duffield Design is that our styles can be worn more fitted or more relaxed, depending on the wearer's preference. That means a size Medium can opt for the next size up if they prefer a looser fit, just as they can select a size down if they prefer a closer fit - it's all about personal comfort!

If you require more guidance on selecting the right size, please refer to our Fit Guide or contact us directly.

How to Measure Yourself

Note: For the most accurate measurements possible, wear only well-fitted undergarments while taking your measurements.

Bust: To measure your bust, wear your favourite go-to bra. To ensure the tape is straight and the measurement accurate, stand in front of a mirror as you measure. Wrap the tape around the fullest part of your bust (making sure not to pull too tightly or hold too loosely). When the tape is snug take a couple of relaxed breaths before writing down your measurement.

*Keep in mind your bust measurement may vary slightly depending on the bra you are wearing.

Waist: With your hands on your waist and your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle, tilt your upper body right and left. Where your trunk creases is your natural waist. Wrap the tape around your natural waist; take a few relaxed breaths before writing down your measurements.

Hip: Stand up straight (in front of a mirror) with your feet together. Locate the widest point of your hips and wrap the tape around ensuring it remains as straight as possible. Write down your measurement.


NOTE: The Size Chart below is an approximation; most styles will have individual measurements provided in the product description.