Stitching Sustainability into Fashion



"My philosophy at Duffield Design is to create beautiful clothing designed & manufactured in Canada using high-quality, natural, eco textiles.

My focus is on developing timeless pieces that transcend age - essential pieces that become favourites in our everyday wardrobes.


I do my best every step of the way to ensure Duffield Design is produced with care for the people and the planet, and encourage my clients to take a capsule wardrobe approach of buying less, buying quality and only buy what you need and love.

                   - Megan Duffield                



Megan Duffield grew up in a historic rural township on the outskirts of Ottawa, ON. It was in this environment surrounded by woods near the Ottawa River that the inspiration for her future business would take root. In her youth, her need to express her individuality led her to begin designing her own clothing. Her passion for design propelled her to enrol in the three-year Fashion Design program at Fanshawe College, graduating in 2005.
Upon returning home to Ottawa, Megan worked in several facets of the fashion industry. She apprenticed with designer Maria Moscatel and Master Tailor Stan Boil, a period costume specialist. It was also during this time that she met Brydie Hyndman, the former window dresser for Holt Renfrew. Megan apprenticed with Byrdie, learning the valuable skills of fashion buying, merchandising and window dressing.
Experience in the retail fashion industry and commitment to environmental sustainability earned Megan a coveted spot in a federal small business program in 2010, honing her skills and laying the foundation for her very own label.
Duffield Design launched in 2011 and celebrates 10 years at the fore of Canadian Eco Fashion this coming Fall.