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Our Fabrics

Duffield Design uses only premium, certified eco-textiles from a trusted Canadian distributor.  

Our fabric distributor takes great pride in their industry-leading specialization of environmentally and socially responsible textiles, ensuring partner mills adhere to global standards of environmental and social compliance.

The fabrics we source have been tested for the use of harmful chemicals - both regulated and non-regulated - so that you, as the wearer, can feel confident in the safety of your skin. Additionally, the fabrics are made with low-impact reactive dyes free from heavy metals, chemical mordants and AZO’s. This dye cycle is shorter than conventional processes, resulting in lower water, salt and chemical requirements. 



Tencel Lyocell is a type of rayon cellulose fibre derived from sustainable wood sources and created using one of the most innovative, environmentally-sound processes. Wood and pulp are harvested from certified and controlled sources while low-impact solvents are continuously recycled, along with process water, to convert the natural materials into fibre. It is the only fully closed-loop cellulose fibre on the market with a recovery rate of more than 99%.

Naturally soft to the touch and offers long lasting comfort, especially for those with sensitive skin. The structure of fibres helps to regulate the body’s natural temperature regulating properties, is naturally resistant to bacteria and biodegradable.


Modal is a cellulose fibre derived from renewable Beechwood trees sourced from sustainable forests. Developed as a second generation variation of rayon, Modal has a very high wet strength and is ideal for garments coming in direct contact with the skin.  

Light and breathable, it is moisture-wicking and extremely durable. We often select textured Modal knits for added depth and interest in our designs. 



This fast growing grass regenerates from its own roots and does not need any chemical pesticides or fertilisers to grow abundantly. It also requires little water, which reduces its dependance on irrigation. Bamboo can even improve soil quality and prevent erosion since it expands with underground shoots, but only when produced through sustainable methods.  Duffield exclusively uses sustainably harvested bamboo to ensure low environmental impact. 

Unlike some natural-based fabrics, bamboo is colour-fast, retaining its sheen and vibrancy over time. It is a highly absorbent textile and possesses wicking qualities to keep moisture off the skin and to keep you feeling comfortable, even in humid conditions.


Organic Cotton

Wonderfully soft, Organic Cotton is grown without the use of harmful, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Crop rotation, cover crops and hand weeding processes are used throughout the cultivation process to promote and maintain healthy soil. This creates a biodiverse and balanced ecosystem making the plants more naturally pest and disease resistant. 

Compared to traditional cotton, Organic Cotton uses 80% less water and less than half the energy. With a cleaner growing process, farm workers have a healthier environment and can reuse the uncontaminated plant waste.  

The resulting benefits are felt in the exceptional quality and durability of the final product and by the communities that dedicate their time, labour and land to its production.


Merino Wool

Worn as a base layer, Merino Wool garments provide exceptional warmth and breathability without the added bulk. Merino is renowned for moisture absorption, body temperature regulation, and its natural, antibacterial properties. Light weight and long-lasting, the wool is ethically produced from non-mulesed, Australian Merino Sheep, a breed with exceptionally fine, soft coats. You'll find Merino Wool in select Fall / Winter styles here at Duffield Design.



Hemp textiles are made from industrial cannabis sativa fibres. Remarkable for its ability to be cultivated in as little as 100 days, Hemp is naturally pest and weed resistant while returning a significant amount of the nutrients it takes from the soil. It is said to produce as much oxygen as 25 acres of forest

Hemp is very durable, naturally hypo-allergenic and has UV resistant properties. It is easily grown in a variety of climates, the entire plant - from stalk to flower - can be utilized and processed, adding to the global appeal as a renewable resource. 


Threads and Notions

Our thread comes from a 100% Canadian based sewing and trim supply company. For maximal durability and to ensure longevity of our designs, we use thread made from polyester rather than cotton. However, the thread we use is quality-tested to ensure there is no presence of harmful chemicals - those which are regulated and non-regulated.

Notions include all the little things we need to finish clothing, such as drawstrings, elastic and buttons. We use cotton elastic from the same Canadian company that supplies our thread, while our Classic Blazer features a handmade sustainable wood button from a family run business based in Brooklyn, New York. 


Fabric Scraps

When manufacturing we aim for as little fabric waste as possible. Rather than throwing away excess fabric from our cut-runs, we find new and innovative ways to repurpose the scraps in order to keep textile waste out of the landfill. 

Larger scraps are used in our collection of reclaimed fabric accessories, featuring belts, headbands and scrunchies. Smaller scraps fabric are used as ties and tethers around the studio, or donated to local makers for diy projects, such as stuffing yoga bolsters or pet beds. 

If you are interested in obtaining Duffield Design fabric scraps please contact us.