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Help our Frontline Friends - Indigogo Campaign
Help our Frontline Friends - Indigogo Campaign

Duffield X Eco Equitable: Humanity Made Headbands

Alexis MacLaren is an ICU nurse at the Queensway Carlton Hospital here in Ottawa. She is brave, courageous & compassionate, and like so many other nurses right now, she is willing to risk her own health for the sake of others. She is also one of my best friends. Speaking with Alexis inspired me to get involved in our community and participate in a project with big heart. 

As it turns out, wearing a surgical mask all day every day is hard on your ears. It becomes incredibly painful. That’s the daily reality of the people who are dedicating themselves to helping others. In order to show our thanks in some small way, we’ve partnered with Eco Equitable on a solution—a headband with buttons that they can hook the mask onto, saving their ears. Since we can’t give them all hugs and tell them how grateful we are, this is our way of showing every single one of them that we are all in this together.  

A crowd funding campaign has started to raise money for this great project so these headbands can be given out free of charge to our healthcare workers. If you can support in any way big or small, everything helps and is appreciated.

With Love, xoxo...Megan D